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20 Sep September

Switch off, slow down

Graham talks to Laura Willis about mindfulness and fixing the relationships we have with our smartphones. Laura runs Shine Offline, a company that aims to help people break negative habits around smartphone use and the always-on lifestyle.

Graham talks to standup comedian Josie Long about empowering young people, surviving trolls, and balancing public and personal life. (This ...

Graham talks to Ugandan lawyer Abudu Sallam Waiswa about integrity, deal-making and going toe-to-toe with a pop superstar.

Graham talks to TV chef Lorraine Pascale about positivity, productivity and boundary-pushing.

Graham talks to "free-range human" Marianne Cantwell about burnout, liminality, conformism, groupthink and identity.

Graham talks to Teradata's CTO, Stephen Brobst, named one of the top four CTOs in the US, about Big Data, ...

Graham talks to serial entrepreneur Mike Bandar about contentment, ambition, success and challenging oneself.

Graham talks to Asher Jacobsberg about small-p politics, separating politics and democracy. empowering and engaging a local community, and giving ...

Graham talks to standup performer Rachel Parris about writer's block, procrastination and imposter syndrome.