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Beyond Busy is a podcast by Graham Allcott of Think Productive, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja. In this show, he interviews people from all walks of life about productivity, work/life balance, happiness and success.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Death and email, with Francis Briers

    Self-described generalist Francis works with the creative consultancy FizzPopBang, helping companies create a sense of relationship and integrity between their brand and their employee experience. He also founded Wise Fool School, bringing together the concepts of embodiment, spiritual development, and wellbeing, to enrich leaders’ skill sets. > I’ve learned to see ...


  2. The art of persuasion, with Eman Ismail

    Eman is an email conversion strategist and copywriter, helping business owners and ecommerce brands boost profit and build relationships. Eman is proof that email is not dead, and in fact has seen an increase in investment in email strategy as more companies go digital. > People mistake email for being a ...


  3. F*ck being humble, with Stefanie Sword-Williams

    Stefanie Sword-Williams is the author of the book _F*ck Being Humble_, and describes herself as the “tough-love agony aunt careers coach”. Her book and business helps people combat the social conditioning that prevents them from being able to promote themselves. _F*ck Being Humble_ was born from a moment of creative burnout, ...


  4. Leadership in turbulent times, with Tameika Isaac Devine

    Graham talks down-the-line with leadership mentor, and South Carolina city councillor Tameika Isaac Devine. They discuss her upbringing, how her father’s history, growing up in the segregated south encouraged her advocacy, leading through turbulence, and juggling her role on the city council with her full-time job as an attorney in ...


  5. Turning the ship around, with David Marquet

    Graham talks to former submarine commander and language engineer David Marquet, about the language of leadership, intent, and starting questions with “why” or “how”. David approaches the statement: “I wish my team were more _x_”, and encourages leaders to work towards changing their own behaviour in order to facilitate change within ...