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30 Aug August

Voracious optimist

Graham talks to standup comedian Josie Long about empowering young people, surviving trolls, and balancing public and personal life. (This episode contains very strong language.)

Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities, by Rebecca Solnit

Lefty Scum - Josie's show with Grace Petrie and Jonny & the Baptists:

  • Sun 29 Oct: Theatre Royal, Margate
  • Mon 30 Oct: The Yard Theatre, London
  • Wed 01 Nov: The Old Market, Brighton
  • Thu 02 Nov: The Y Theatre, Leicester
  • Fri 03 Nov: Manchester Dancehouse
  • Sun 05 Nov: The Stand, Newcastle
  • Mon 06 Nov: The Crescent, York
  • Tue 07 Nov: The Stand, Edinburgh
  • Wed 08 Nov: The Wardrobe, Leeds
  • Thu 09 Nov: Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

Thank you hater: comedian hits back at trolls in mock tribute

Oliver Burkeman is Busy - BBC Radio 4 programme

How to be a Productivity Ninja: Graham's book

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