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Beyond Busy is a podcast by Graham Allcott of Think Productive, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja. In this show, he interviews people from all walks of life about productivity, work/life balance, happiness and success.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Using "Yes, and" at work, with Max Dickins

    Max and Graham begin by sharing stories and experiences of improv, with Max offering his definition of improv and how it can help improve co-operation within teams. > How do you know someone is genuinely listening to you? Max talks about the difference between active listening and listening to a ...


  2. Founding the original challenger bank, with Anne Boden

    Anne is the founder of [Starling Bank](, one of the UK’s challenger banks that serves its customers online rather than via high street branches. Anne studied computer science, and worked her way up through the banking industry before founding Starling. > I came to the conclusion that banking was broken. ...


  3. A sustainable business model straight out of a movie, with Colin McIntosh

    Graham and Colin begin by talking about the first meal of the day, and how getting protein in first-thing can make a big difference. > You’re either going to work forty years until you die, or you’re going to be able to create your own wealth… so take a shot at ...


  4. You're About to Make a Terrible Mistake! -- with Olivier Sibony

    Olivier has a long history of helping organisations make decisions. He is a Professor at prominent business school HEC Paris, and has worked as a Director at McKinsey & Company. > We’re not just economic human beings. The discussion dives deep into the cognitive biases that shape how we frame world events ...


  5. More time spent with fewer ideas — Daniel Scrivner

    After a coffee with one of the founders of Tiny Capital, Daniel was invited to join the project management software company Flow, as their CEO. He combined his design and product experience with a desire to help lead teams. Daniel turned a business that was contracting into a growing one, overseeing ...